Advice before the first massage with your partner

Today we want to give you a series of tips prior to your erotic massage as a couple and you get, in this way, to improve your sex life and your intimate relationships. Prepare paper and pencil and write down all these ideas.

An intimate massage

Escape from the routine, enjoy an erotic experience as a couple and experience the feelings of our partner from the outside is an incredible experience. For example, in our couples massages you can enjoy any of our erotic and tantric massage modalities in Madrid.

At the end of the erotic massage with your partner, you will have 30 minutes of courtesy for your intimacy. We recommend that you take care of the food in the day / days prior to receiving the massage is essential in increasing our levels of desire. Fat foods, in addition to making us less desirable, reduce our sexual appetite.

Try to take in the previous days to receive a significant contribution of foods such as cocoa, truffles, oysters, arugula, asparagus or honey. All these products have proven qualities as elements that trigger eroticism.

Communication and knowledge

It is important that both you and your partner know what you are going to find when you visit our erotic and tantric massage center in Madrid. We invite you to ask us all your doubts about our modalities of massage, our team of masseurs, offers and bonuses.

In this sense, if you know our facilities, the different rooms and environments in which to receive the massage, as well as all the possibilities offered by Tantra Usuaya, we are sure that you will enjoy the experience much more.

Free yourself from prejudices

We advise that when you come to our tantric massage center in Madrid, you go free of nerves but, above all, free of prejudices. Forget everything you know or think you know about erotic, sensual and tantric massage and try to worry only about enjoying a magical and unforgettable experience as a couple.

Enjoy our discounts and promotions

In our tantric and erotic massages center in Madrid we have everything you need to enter the world of sensual massages or intensify your experiences.

As we have explained before, in Tantra Usuaya we have a team of experienced masseurs, different environments and the facilities better equipped. Also, in our pursuit of full customer satisfaction, we want to offer you a series of promotions and discounts on your tantric and erotic massages.

  • 20% discount: Applicable by phone or by mail in erotic loads. Do not hesitate to ask about the nature of this promotion that will allow you to enjoy the most intense massages at reduced prices.
  • 25% discount: This 25% discount is available every weekend, in high-load erotic massages. This discount is applied by telephone or by email.
  • 10% discount: For massages of one hour of medium or normal erotic load. Enjoy a long time of sensual stimulation with an exclusive price.
  • Ten extra minutes: From Monday to Friday, from 10:30 a.m. to 13:30 p.m., and Saturdays and Sundays throughout the day, you can enjoy an extra ten minutes of pure pleasure in your massages. Totally free. If you want to know how to benefit from this promotion, do not hesitate to contact our team.

Tantra Usuaya is your center of erotic and tantric massage. We have the best equipped facilities and a staff of masseurs with experience in the most sensual and suggestive tantric and oriental massage techniques.

You can ask about the availability of the discounts mentioned above, as well as other special promotions that can be established in our different massages: Essence, Usuay Thai, Delicade Usuaya, Delicious Mutuo, Capriche Usuaya, 4-Hand Massage, Nuru Massage, Usuam Magnum, Usuaya Premium, Elixir Usuaya, Gay Massage, Massage for Woman, Erotic Lingerie Massage, Bondage Massage, Lingan erotic massage.

Meet our massage rooms

In our center of erotic and tantric massages in Madrid we give much importance to the atmosphere that is created in the sessions. Obviously, the massage itself is what helps to activate you and make you reach new levels of pleasure. However, the atmosphere is that ‘intangible’ that includes aroma, music, lighting and, of course, the setting.

In this sense, our tantric massage center in Madrid has different environments and ‘themed’ rooms to make your imagination fly. Without moving from Madrid you will travel to Oriente, to experience a sensation of escapism through the pleasure like you never imagined.

Traveling without moving

Our tantric and sensual massages are already a journey in themselves. However, in Tantra Usuaya we want to take the experience a bit further. And we believe that receiving any of our massages in an elegant, intimate, discreet and erotic environment 100% enhances the experience. Everything we can do to make your stay satisfactory comes into play.

We have four rooms, conceptually related to four zones: Bangkok, Marrakech, Thailand and Indonesia. Dim lighting, decoration conceptually according to the place to which each room corresponds, Balinese beds, jacuzzi … we want your immersion in the massage to be full, regardless of its duration or nature.

That’s why we strive to create a different atmosphere in each room. In each case, the coincidence is the goal: to achieve that you achieve an indescribable sense of pleasure and live a sensual and spiritual experience.

In this gallery you can see our installations, as well as the different conceptions of the rooms of which we speak to you. With us you will experience the experience of tantric and erotic massage to the fullest.

Do not hesitate to contact the Tantra Usuaya team to reserve your massage or clarify your doubts about our different rooms, the team of masseurs we put at your service or the different modalities of sensual and tantric massage in Madrid that we put to your scope.

Meet the Premium Ushuaia erotic massage

An erotic massage is a process. The erotic charge of it is growing and increasing as we enter the room. The music, the essences and the lighting are doing the rest, until the hands of the masseur and his body begin to unleash the most absolute sensuality.

Our erotic massage Premium Usuaya seeks, precisely, that the sensual load of the same goes in crescendo, from the moment you arrive at our center of erotic and tantric massages in Madrid.

It is one of our most popular sensual massages. Different tantric postures and techniques come into play to make you reach the highest levels of excitement. We are facing a real adventure ‘skin with skin’, in which the connection with the masseur is full.

A game of seduction, eroticism and excitement in which you will find a comforting rest, after the rigors and haste of your day to day. This massage allows you to live an intense melee interactive experience. In this sense, different tantric postures come into play and double relaxation, to bring you to ecstasy.

The length of the Premium Usuaya massage can be 40, 60 and 90 minutes. Imagine a journey of full enjoyment and eroticism in a stage specially designed for relaxation and absolute eroticism.

In our center of tantric and erotic massages in Madrid we are concerned with creating an intimate, relaxed and hygienic atmosphere, ideal for you to just take care of relaxing and letting yourself go. We have different conceptual environments, to unleash your wildest fantasies.

In addition, we have a team of masseurs (girls and boys) with experience in different tantric and sexual massage techniques, which will get you right to the limit you want to explore your sensuality. Its exuberant curves, suggestive and sculptural bodies will catch you from the first moment. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us to find out everything we can offer you in Tantra Usuaya.

Common Questions About Tantra (II)

In our previous post we detailed a series of frequently asked questions about tantra and also about the nature of what we do in our center of tantric and erotic massages in Madrid.

Today we will complete our list about the most common doubts concerning tantra and, specifically, about our massage center. We hope to be able to clarify all the questions that you have pending.

Questions and Answers on Tantra

The best way to go to our erotic massage center in Madrid is free of doubts, prejudices and willing to enjoy. Only in this way can you liberate your mind and make the most of the erotic power offered by the massage.

  • Do masseurs have special training? In Tantra Usuaya we have a team of fully prepared and experienced masseurs. Our team (female and male), as well as a sculptural anatomy, has extensive training in chiromassage as well as, of course, tantric and oriental massage.
  • Passive massage vs active massage: There is a fundamental difference between the concepts of ‘passive massage’ and ‘active massage’. In a passive massage, the total ‘control’ is the masseur. Only our masseurs can touch, massage and stimulate the body of the recipient. As for the active massage, the receiver can interact or caress the body of the masseur, although it must follow the indications provided. Also, you can not caress the genital area. This brings us to the next point.
  • How far can I get? As we said, neither in the active massage nor, of course, in the passive you are allowed to touch the genital area or at any time surpass you with the masseur. Oral and / or explicit sex is strictly prohibited. The same respect and consideration that we have to our clients, we want to have our team of masseuses who, by the way, are not therapists or sexual consultants.

If you have any other question about our tantric massage center in Madrid, our team of masseurs or nature, characteristics of our massages, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to explain everything you need to know.

Common Questions About Tantra (I)

Many people who are encouraged to come to our tantric and erotic massage center in Madrid ask us many questions that obviously dissipate once the pleasant pleasure of the massage begins.

Most of the doubts have to do with the nature of the massages, who are the ideal recipients of a tantric and erotic massage, the duration … Today, in the first part of our post, we hope to satisfy at least some of those questions .

Frequently Asked Questions about Tantra

If you are thinking of going to our tantric and erotic massage center in Madrid, we hope that these usual questions and answers will help you get an idea of ​​what you can find.

  • Is tantric massage only for men? No, tantric massage is perfect for both men and women. In our center we have a team of masseurs (men and women) sculptural and with great experience.
  • Is it an individual massage? Tantric and erotic massage can also be enjoyed as a couple. In fact, this is one of the most effective ways to give an extra ‘spice’ to your intimate partner life.
  • Who is the ideal recipient of a tantric massage? Anyone who wants to enjoy an erotic experience unforgettable and intense. In this sense, the only requirement is to have reached the age of majority.
  • The purpose of massage is sex? The end of tantric massage is not explicit sex or ejaculation. This erotic massage is practiced with the hands or body and is contemplated the stimulation of erogenous zones, but does not include oral or explicit sex. In the receptive massage, however, the massage is allowed to interact with the masseur (as opposed to passive massage).

This is the first part of our list of frequently asked questions about tantric massage. We hope that in the next delivery of our blog, all the doubts that you can host are absolutely dissipated. For everything else, do not hesitate to contact Tantra Usuaya.

Enjoy the bondage erotic massage in Madrid

What would become of our lives without fantasy? Without that risky spice that makes everything more exciting and pleasant. In our center of tantric and erotic massages in Madrid we know that the brain is the most erotic organ of our body.

That’s why today we want to talk about one of our most stimulating sensual massages. A proposal for you to leave the routine and let yourself be led by desire in its pure state. We are referring, of course, to our erotic bondage massage.

Erotic bondage massage in Madrid in pure state

Sensuality, eroticism, intensity, spice, a pinch of risk … all those elements (and more) come into play in our erotic bondage massage. In our tantric massage center in Madrid we not only want you to eliminate the stress and anxiety of the equation in your daily life, but also to let your imagination take you to places you never dreamed of. We also want to help you add to your life as a couple the risk, the spice and the fantasy that, on many occasions, becomes so necessary to help us escape the routine.

Our bondage massage is, in this sense, a way for you to be free of your taboos and inhibitions, letting you be carried by the purest and intense pleasure. Domination, the delightful feeling of submission, the controlled risk of a pleasurable and sensual massage … our team of masseurs will take you through the paths of erotic bondage massage, always up to the limits that you establish yourself.

Come to our sensual and erotic massage center in Madrid and tell us what you like, how far you are willing to go and what you are looking for. In Tantra Usuaya we give you the possibility to experience all the intensity of massage bondage to where you want to get your taboos and your desire to experience. Let us give you an extra spice, risk and excitement to your sex life.

Tips to improve your relationship

Lack of sexual desire is capable of ending many couples. However, increasing libido is not as complex as you might believe. Today we are going to give you a series of simple tips to increase your levels of excitement.

Massage and sensuality as a couple

Receiving a couple massage is one of the best ways to increase the arousal levels of each member. Knowing what touches or gestures excite our partner also helps us to establish a better erotic communication with her.

These types of massages give you ideas for when you are in the privacy of your home and want to make things a little spicy. Similarly, in order to increase sexual arousal as a couple, it is only necessary to practice other activities, in addition to massage, such as reading erotic novels or watching ‘spicy’ movies. We assure you that this will undoubtedly elevate your libido.

Sports every day

Especially sports like swimming, running or walking help us release substances like dopamine. Dopamine makes us more positive and also helps us to be more open to having sex, even in periods of frank decay. Also, certain yoga, tai chi or kegel exercises that specifically work the pelvic area can help you increase your sex drive.


Changing roles, playing roles and playing erotic games in which we pretend to be who we are not is one of the best ways to get out of the rut, let our imagination run free and free us from day to day. Surely these types of roleplaying games help you increase the erotic intensity of your sexual encounters.

Imagination to power

As we said before, the imagination has more erotic power than any invigorating you can imagine. Take some moments of the day to imagine you practicing sex or performing different erotic practices with your partner. This will help you to visualize yourself better in a sensual setting and also set your mind ‘in tune’ for intimacy with your partner.

The pleasure of massage Elixir Ushuaia

We all have fantasies. Small spaces in which we let our imagination and erotic dream escape to escape from reality. What would it feel like if we told you that we know an intimate and ideal place for your erotic fantasies to come true?

One of the definitions of pleasure or luxury is to imagine receiving a pleasant massage, in which the hands and body of the masseur allow us to abstract ourselves from whatever our problems are.

Continuing the relaxation-excitement of the massage with an incredible time in a jacuzzi contributes to intensify the fantasy. Imagine being able to combine both experiences in a unique experience, totally unforgettable and of an incomparable erotic intensity. That is precisely what Elixir Usuaya Massage offers you.

The maximum pleasure of the massage

In our center of tantric and erotic massages in Madrid we take care that your experience is intense, vivid and of great erotic force. That is what Elixir Usuaya Massage offers you.

This form of massage that we offer in Tantra Usuaya gives you the possibility to enjoy the touch of another body, in the pleasant setting of a jacuzzi. The water rises in an energy channeler in which the pleasure intensifies to the maximum.

Different Tantric and Thai postures come into play to help you release your entire load of erotic energy. The aquatic caresses of the hands and the body of a masseur will travel throughout your body, so that you will experience sensations that you never dreamed of.

This melee massage is participatory. This means that the receiver is not a passive subject. Thus, the interaction with the masseur allows to make the experience something much more intense, vivid and pleasant.

The Elixir Usuaya Massage takes place inside a jacuzzi; The implementation of Tantric and Thai techniques produces a high erotic load and a high intensity experience.

If you come to our center of erotic and tantric massages in Madrid you can experience this and any other of our massages in an ideal environment for enjoyment. Contact us, in Tantra Usuaya, and tell us what you are looking for.

The pleasure of the Magnum Usuaya Massage

Game, sensuality, pleasure … Magnum Massage is one of the ones that we offer you in our tantric and erotic massage center in Madrid. A massage in which you will find, on the one hand, a great sexual excitement and, on the other, a full relaxation. We show you what this sensual massage is.

What is the Magnum Usuaya Massage?

Normally, the tantric and erotic massage is based on the excitement that is felt through the contact of the masseur’s skin with ours. A true erotic connection that seeks to make every inch of our body ‘turn on’, achieving a torrent of full erotic energy.

In fact, in the Magnum Usuaya Massage all this is present. However, an element is attached to the equation to achieve maximum erotic intensity and sensuality: stimulatory toys.

In fact, in addition to the touch in the melee massage, Magnum Usuaya gives you the option to enjoy, experiment and interact with a stimulating toy, which maximizes the erotic experience and the intensity of the massage.

More sexual stimulation and interaction

And it is that the erotic toy enhances the effect of the sensual stimuli of tantric and Thai techniques. And it makes you reach a state of excitement hardly explicable in words. This sensual melee massage is of great intensity and, also, interactive. In this sense, the person who experiences it can participate in the massage, while applying different Tantric and Thai techniques in arms, legs, belly, chest and hands …

If we add to that the incentive of being able to experiment with a stimulating and prostatic toy, the possibilities of this massage multiply. All this, in addition, in an environment perfectly designed for the enjoyment and, also, fully hygienic and discreet, perfect so that you leave your problems in the door and only have to worry about to enjoy.

If you want more information about this or any other of our erotic massages in Madrid do not hesitate to contact our team.