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Believe us when we say that if you try one of our erotic massages, you will repeat.

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Basic erotic massages |  Photos of masseurs

  • Essense Massage

    30 min: 50€ | 60 min: 80€

    It is a relaxing soothing massage that is performed on a tatami or Balinese bed, with the hands only. this sensual passive massage is based on the stimuli of the hands that touch the hydrated body.

  • Lingan Massage

    25 min: 60€ | 50 min: 110€

    The masseur proceeds to massage the front side of the client’s body, focusing on the thighs and genital area. This massage is done with the hands.

  • Usuaya Thai Massage

    30 min: 60€ | 60 min: 100€

    Body to body massage that is performed on a tatami or Balinese bed; it combines tantric and Thai techniques. Hands, arms, chest, belly, arms and legs are used.

Medium erotic massages |  Photos of masseurs

  • Delicade Usuaya Massage

    30 min: 70€ | 45 min: 100€ | 60 min: 120€

    Body to body interactive guided massage. The perineal area is massaged.

  • Delicious Mutual Massage

    30 min: 80€ | 60 min: 150€

    Chocolate is the special ingredient of this type of body to body interactive guided massage. It includes a tantric posture.

  • Usuaya Fetich Massage

    60 min: 150€

    This massage is performed only with the feet, it is a mutual massage of average erotic charge. It is a massage for the most petit, very sensual and characteristic where the masseur gets you to reach orgasm massaging only with your feet.

High erotic massages |  Photos of masseurs

  • Magnum Usuaya Massage

    40 min: 120€ | 60 min: 180€ | 80 min: 200€

    Body to body massage with sensory intensity, and is interactive. Di erent tantric and Thai postures are performed with hands, chest, belly, arms and legs. As an extra, you can enjoy a stimulating and prostatic toy.

  • Premium Usuaya Massage

    40 min: 130€ | 60 min: 210€ | 90 min: 240€

    High intensity body to body interactive experience. It includes tantric postures and double relaxation.

  • Nuru Massage

    40 min: 140€ | 90 min: 250€

    The massage begins with a shower of high spiritual intensity to pass to a massage with a special gel. Tantric and Thai techniques are applied with hands, body, belly, chest and buttocks.

  • Elixir Usuaya Massage

    50 min: 160€ | 90 min: 300€

    Body to body interactive massage inside a jacuzzi. Its high erotic charge is achieved with the application of tantric and Thai postures and techniques.

  • Capriche Usuaya Massage

    70 min: 250€

    Massage of a great erotic intensity, consisting of two parts. At the beginning a masseuse will give you a relaxing massage and, in the second part, a second masseuse will join to take part on a lesbian show.

  • Lingerie Massage

    70 min: 180€

    At the beginning of the massage, the masseur wears a suggestive lingerie that, very slowly, the client will remove, just to go on with the massage with the whole body.

  • Erotic Massage Bondage Game

    90 min: 300€

    Tell us what you like and how far you are willing to explore. We give you the possibility to enjoy an erotic game of domination and submission.

Specials massages |  Photos of masseurs

  • 4 Hands Massage

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    Any of our massages can be performed with four hands. A good way to boost your energy with tantric techniques. The duration does not vary from the typi ed, although you must keep in mind that the price will be double.

  • Couple’s Massage

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    Enjoy with a couple any of our messages. The duration will be the same as the one of the massage that is chosen, but it is necessary to add 15 minutes as it has to be performed on two persons. In addition, the couples will have 30 extra minutes for their privacy. Ask us about the Price.

  • Gay Massage

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    In TantraUsuaya you can turn your Gay dreams into a very pleasant reality. If you want to live an experience man to man, you can choose any of the massages and enjoy them in men’s company. The price and duration of these massages do not vary.

  • Women Massage

    Price of the chosen massage

    Dare to live an authentic female experience in our massage center. Enjoy the tantric sensations coming from the hands of a man or a woman. You choose your masseur. Each massage will have the same duration as any of those we o er, and its price will also be the same. The client will be responsible for the amount of the taxi that the masseuse uses both on the way and back.

  • Erotic Massage in Hotel

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    We offer erotic and tantric massages in medium and high erotic load hotels, the massages included would be Delicious Massage, Usuya Magnum, Premium Usuaya, Nuru, Usuaya Elixir, Usuaya Capriche, Lingerie and Bondage. The client will be responsible for the amount of the taxi that the masseuse will use both outward and return.

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Believe us when we say that if you try one of our erotic massages, you will repeat.

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